Improving Condons

To the real estate developers, the current market demand and supply imbalance is causing a great worry as properties are staying longer than expected in the market. Nevertheless, that should not worry you much if you are looking forward to selling your house in Malaysia. As long as buyers are looking for the right property to invest in, your chances of selling your home remain high. All you need to do is to provide them with a property that they will compete to buy. Home buyers are always on the lookout for properties in mature areas and established communities and thus, your home could even be more attractive to investors than new property in newer areas. However, to get a better value and sell your house quickly, you should carry out a few affordable upgrades. Some of the upgrades that you should consider.

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Installing filter taps

The right upgrade should not cost you a lot of money but it should have a bigger impact in influencing the buyer's decision and nothing does that better than installing a filter kitchen tap. water filter taps come in two main types that include the single dispensing and the 3-way kitchen taps. The taps can be installed next to your existing kitchen tap or to replace the existing tap. The single filter taps have an under-sink water filter installed while the 3 way taps offer filtered cold water and unfiltered cold and hot water dispensing from a single tap. When choosing the right tap, you should look for a stylishly designed filter kitchen tap that would capture the interest of the buyer.

Upgrade your kitchen overall appearance

Instead of using a lot of money replacing your existing kitchen furniture and appliances, you can instead give your kitchen a refresh cheaply by focusing on the overall appearance of the kitchen. Some of the simple tasks that you can do include changing the handles of your cabinets with colourful options and painting your cabinets to make them brighter. You can also swap out or even remove your cabinet doors to create an effect of open shelving. Other simple upgrades you can consider include painting a single wall to make it an accent wall, hand a colourful pendant light and use small appliances as decorative accessories.

Make the room look spacious

Although it would be uneconomical to move your house walls to make it more spacious, you can change the way buyers will perceive your home with a few easy to do tasks. The first step should be to improve the way traffic flows in your home from room to room. The flow should make sense. You should squeeze past furniture or stumble along things as you move around. You can improve the traffic by rearranging your furniture to declutter the entryway. You should also rearrange to visually lighten and balance every room. You should also uncover your windows to ensure maximum light is gaining entrance to your room.


When preparing your home for a sale, the intention should not be to increase the cost but to make the home attractive to potential buyers and hence, the need to focus on the simple tasks.